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From the Vienna Airport

Reservations that are scheduled to be held until 10 pm on the same day must be reserved at least 4 hours in advance.  
Reservations made between 10pm and 6am, at least 10 hours in advance.  
In case of too late reservation we can not guarantee the availability of a car - despite automatic confirmation via internet.

For all rides not included in our system we are at your disposal with our special offers!
Due to the increase in parking fees at the airport, we also have to charge a one surcharge of €5 for transfers from the airport.

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Vom Flughafen Wien
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Bitte nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf! Tel: +43/660/100-94-22

Important Information:

Only for travel from the airport
Switch your mobile phone on as soon as possible after landing in Vienna.

For all customers arriving at Vienna International Airport, the meeting point is with the respective driver at the Airport-Airport Information (opposite Mc Donalds). After receiving your luggage, you must exit the area through a glass door and then to the RIGHT. Go 20-30 m and then you will see your driver.

If you do not find your chaffeur call us immediately:
Central: 01/80-21-059
Mobile: +43/660/100-94-22"